Round Of Sex

Mira Sunset brought sexy friend Lyen Parker along with her to party and fuck all day. We went in the country to get out of the same old city. These ladies loved to be out in the open to soak up some sun, so we invited them along. We knew that Mira was completely down to party and get wild. She brought along the perfect match to herself. They could have passed for sisters, but thankfully they weren’t. After they took a little stroll through the yard, they stopped to check out the tiny pond. They looked so delicious in their bikinis as they teased each other. They made their way over to the guys, so the real fun could begin. The bikinis didn’t stay on for much longer. They had some fun shaking their asses before the pussy was popped out. They went at each other like rabbits. There was no part left untouched. The guys didn’t waste any time to get deep into the ladies. They wanted to make sure to get the goods while it was there to be gotten. There was tight pussy and tighter ass for the taking, and the girls took as much cock as they did sun that day.

Round Of Sex starring Mira Sunset and Lyen Parker

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